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Your Are My Lover

You are my lover; you are before all others. You are sweet as a flower; you taste bittersweet sour. You are the sun that shines brightly in the sky; you are so mine. You are the wind that blows softly

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To Donna

To Donna My mind cannot comprehend that anyone would e’re love me. Yet before me stands an angel and a miracle I see. For years I prayed for an answer to what lays in store for me. And perhaps this

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Lady Julia

Julia you are my life and my chosen partner and wife, With your beauty always seen, you are gentle and serene. You have grace and you have style, and you can always make me smile. I love my life with

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Kiss of Death

…Kiss of death, felt your poison rush through my veins… Consume my body and violate my soul… Open me up and let the light in I trusted you with my heart I thought you would stay forever Apparently I was

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When on Woodbine Station

When on woodbine Station …. Waiting for my bus I stood It was the start of winter and I was wearing a hood !!! Every one around waited for the scheduled bus Few reading a book and few so tired

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Love in Words

Love is a feeling that comes from the heart, that triggers your emotions to run wild, once they start. Love plays on your mind, and is referred to as blind, as the feelings possess you,  love is one of a

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