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Coffee Pot Bayou

St. Pete has a street named Coffee Pot Bayou Imbued with residents from Santa’s North Pole They create a place at Christmas you walk into Unequaled in its joy, nary is found a piece of coal Street corded off for

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Christmas Delight

The lime green leaves are softly turning Crimson red with soft velvety touch Poinsettia’s coming alive, children yearning Season has begun, people in a rush Memories like tidal waves come back again Laughter, surprises, tears and airplane rides Remembering of

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Christmas Caroling

Passel of fresh faced girls huddled in the snow The stinging wind from weather ten below Furry hats with pom poms pounced on top Clumsy poinsettia red mittens from 10 cent shop Chorus taught us caroling in three part harmony

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Santa Clause

I am the big guy in the red and white suit, I eat your left for me snacks, and sometimes your fruit. I can magic down your chimneys, and through your doors and windows too, to deliver your children’s presents,

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A Single Dad's Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house. Shards of wrapping paper lay about as I grouse. About all the money I’ve spent this season. With my children tucked in their beds, I remember the reason. When out

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