We Ought to Make Every Moment Count

We ought to make every moment count because it may be the last.

We ought to make every moment count, not just because it may or may not be the last moment we have on this earth. Although that in its self should be enough to make one truly see the bigger picture. This picture is hard to see through the ways of the world and society now days. Hopefully you will see the puzzle I am piecing is taller than a giant. Think outside the box; don’t be defiant.
What does this mean? Make every moment count? A moment is more than just a moment. It is a chance to live for the reasons we were brought in to this world. Although I guarantee you ask this question to random Americans on streets or public places, the answers you get will not be that of this. We were not put here for ourselves. Or our own self-centered satisfactions. Making these moments count for a higher purpose is crucial. These moments are a chance to be rewarded in a chance to live in a perfect place. We are not to make these moments count for remembrance. Or feel comfortable here.

Every moment is a test. Who is grading this you ask? The answer is simple. You should already know this answer. If not, I hope you search for the answer immodestly. We won’t know how we did at these tests till we do come to our last moment. Then we stand before the grader and are evaluated for our own according, we are not held accountable for the next man or woman. Every moment is actually a choice, a test, a decision. These moments build character. They can make or break one. There is a right a wrong. A positive outcome and a negative outcome. There is room for mistakes; we have to learn from them. By learning, I mean grow as a whole. This moment can be used for or against you. This, my friend, is knowledge and knowledge is power.

In this conclusion, please don’t take life and its precious moments for granted. Focusing on ourselves will never reveal our life’s purpose. Make your moments count for his righteousness. Let him have glory through your every moment . We were created for five purposes. Make your moments count because you will get a chance to answer to them. It may or may not be the last moment on earth but treat it wise. The reason or purpose is greater than our own understandings. Start living for a reason. Make your moments for the right reason. Not the wrong.

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    Thank you so much for the post, it was interesting reading.

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    Hello, is your site having any difficulties recently? I had to refresh the article about two times until eventually the 404 error went away and I was able to read this post!

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      Thank you for your email. Let us know if you have any other problems. We hope you enjoy reading the works published.

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