Perchance a Friendship

My creative juices were slowly ebbing when I decided to consider a course in Chinese Brush painting.  Such a beautiful medium and I felt with the right instructor, my hidden artistic talents would be unearthed and before I would know it, there would be greeting cards to send with bamboo trees and birds in flight gracing my papers.  Somehow it just didn’t work out that way.  In the fall of ’08 I signed up for this class and on my first day I was armed with high hopes of “unleashing my hidden talent”.  The room was surrounded by windows that over looked beautifully manicured grounds.  I watched my instructor proceed with demonstrating the basic strokes.  Next to me was the only other ‘newbie’ in the class.  Have you heard the expression ‘love at first sight’? Well this was ‘friendship at first hello’.  Her name isAliceand as I would come to learn that she comes from an artistic family.  She has brothers and sisters gifted in many mediums.  After two hours of struggling to get the basic strokes down, I looked over at my new friend’s paper and I knew at first glance she was an imposter.  She was posing as a novice.  Just who was she kidding?  When class ended we walked to the parking lot for more chatting and we both wondered if it was possible to feel like life long friends in just a two hour class?  And just what constitutes life long?


As the weeks flew by we were in contact and we would practice our strokes in between our scheduled classes.  We shared so much laughter that it didn’t matter that I was awful at this craft and she on the other hand was receiving accolades from our teacher.  When it came to my turn to have my work critiqued, a weak smile would cross my instructor’s face, and she would say “practice, practice my dear”.  WhileAlicehad beautiful birds on rice paper, my birds resembled little ‘stick’ people.  How in the world did that happen?  Eventually the class ended.  We knew this new found friendship had a shelf life so we decided our husbands should meet.  We made plans for a visit and the rest as they say is ‘history’.  They clicked and we since have shared so many wonderful times together.  We’ve enjoyed outings and dinners, and one of our all time favorite things to do—playing a game of Rummy Kub.  In only a few years we have shared smiles and tears.  Sharing emotions others might spend a lifetime to take claim to.  I might be inept as a painter but as for my talent for finding a wonderful friend inAlice…..well, I’m a Picasso!

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