Your Are My Lover

You are my lover; you are before all others.
You are sweet as a flower; you taste bittersweet sour.
You are the sun that shines brightly in the sky; you are so mine.
You are the wind that blows softly towards me; you and I are meant to be.
You are my happiness; I have never felt this.
You are my pain, only for me to gain.
You are my gentle touch; I love you so much.
You are my protector; you are my hearts gardener.
You are my baby; only you have saved me.
You are my friend; we will always mend.
You are my soul mate; its time to open up the gate.
You are my strength; you gave me my faith.
You are my weakness, completely feeling less.
You are my laughter, always to look after
You are my second heartbeat; it must had been fate
For us to meet.
You are my past for memories that will last
You are my future; my life is now secure
You are my passion, my new obsession
You are my tears; now I have no fears
You are my teddy bear, for whom, I will not share
You are my erotic fantasy; only you will see
You are my miracle dream like a flash of beam
You are my piece of gold; now you are sold
You are my man in the iron mask; now you have a task
You are my soldier; sometimes it gets colder
You are my first; I feel I could burst
You are my music; I am here to compose it.
You are my light, which I could never fight.
You are my darkness; I will only try to condemn it.
You are my warmth, my soul to be remorsed
You are my last; our lives will be a blast
You are the sun that shines brightly in my life,
I need your special emotional lift—for me it is the greatest gift
You are my lover, always before all others.
You are my gentle touch, and I love you… so much

My reason why,
Until I die.

Love Candy

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