Woe to Him Who Has Slacked His Thirst

Woe to him who has slacked his thirst
thinking, “I’m out of the arena…”
Comfortable with the mundane and trite
unknowingly, he slowly rots

A hero’s deeds are never done
The writer continues the adventure
Warriors conquer the enemy
The maiden’s heart is captured

Woe to him who has slacked his thirst
Neglecting, overlooking the heroine…
To strive as one across the abyss—
create their wonderland

The heroine saves the hero’s soul
Loving him fiercely, standing by him
Battling restlessly by his side
Entwining with his heart and mind

Woe to the one who will not seek out god
with questions, acts, and deeds
Mindless—he will not evolve—
Death arrives—his spirit extinguished

Never let go of the reigns of the steed!
From experiences glean a new wisdom!
Create, destroy, reconstruct, love…
Complacent—refuse to become!

And when the body is fatigued—maintain the fight!
Draw the mind’s sword!
Put reason to action, construct the master plan!
To hell with Hades!
Refuse the ferryman!

Woe to him who has slacked his thirst…
Defeated, weak, wretched…

Glory to heroes and heroines
Forever restless, ever-yearning…

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