the fresh tender bud holds a droplet of dew

sprouted from the end of the stem where it grew

tilts towards the sun and warmed by the heat

leaves grow around and wrap were they meet

time lets the bloom emerge slow and pure

stretching it’s reach as it proves to endure

the full blossom gleams awaiting review

reeled by the wind but holding so true

butterflies excite and dance at each petal

flowers unaware the routine that they meddle

days quickly pass at the calendar’s dole

life has a chance to survive at the toll

colors once new and brightly paraded

becoming a shade that seems to be fated

nature has plans for each living creature

and given a space to perform every feature

the stage has a limit and schedules to uphold

as more fill the wings so anxious to unfold

what once caught the eye with it’s sparkle and shine

is too quick to fade with the heart left to pine

the smooth shiny skin will soon wrinkle to ash

we toast another day with the glasses we smash


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