When on Woodbine Station

When on woodbine Station ….

Waiting for my bus I stood
It was the start of winter and I was wearing a hood !!!

Every one around waited for the scheduled bus
Few reading a book and few so tired that they needed a rest !!!

The sight of the bus in a few minutes bought a relief to all
It seemed as nothing looked so important than boarding the bus with spirits tall !!!

Every one boarded the bus except one
He looked 17 and he was on the station bench resting his bum !!!

I noticed a girl in the front who the boy earlier kissed goodbye
She boarded the bus and the boy kept gazing by !!!

Every one in the bus seated themselves up
The girl in the front was facing the boy seating on the bench whose face every time lighted up !!!

They looked at each other and the girl again said bye.
The boy restlessly kept on gazing by !!!

The driver got down the bus to go to the loo
The girl at the same time picked her phone whose ringtone said “HELLuuuuuu” !!!

She looked at the boy while picking up the call’
It was not from the boy but quickly his restlessness was being noticed in the bus by all !!!

She continued to speak on her phone with the driver still out
Smiling at the boy who grew more uncomfortable and longing to shout!!!

Everyone in bus looked at the way he behaved
It was clear that he was reluctant to let her go and he truly craved !!!

Suddenly all waiting for the bus to move wanted to wait for a while more
The boy and the girl looking at each other truly made love from all skies to pour !!!

The driver stepped out of the loo and walked towards the bus
The girls heart skipped a beat while she looked at the driver in hush (silence) !!!

The bus was about to start and everyone was looking at the boy who by now was on his feetHe came running towards the bus and told the driver 1 min and walked towards the girl and for us all it was a treat !!!

The girl still on phone looked at him surprised saying “Are you for true”
He kissed on her forehead and said in a low voice “I MISS U my life’s DEW” !!!

He then kissed her on lips and unboarded the bus
The girls cheeks grew pink as all gasped a smile of relief and the door closed “FUSSSSSSS” !!!

The boy smiled as the bus passed by, looking at him “I LOVE U” she mumbled
Resting on the bench back again he smiled while his eyes sparkled !!!

This reminded me when I was the same
Life when being loved is such a different game !!!

It also made me think that love is all around us
what if you are hurt of arrows coming out of heart breaker bows !!!

Remember back the moments and smile without hesitation…
When on Woodbine Station or any life’s situation !!!

Sajju !!!

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