Wake-up wake-up

Wake up wake up

Wake up wake up, the time is near
For the evil one is here
And he is bringing a storm of fear

Wake up wake up, like a lightning bolt
From the sky they come hitting the
Towers one by one

Wake up wake up, the horrifying moment
Has began and the evil one has the upper

Wake up wake up, a cloud of horror
Paints the blue sky and the sound
Of thunder brings fear to the

Wake up wake up, the angel of death
Has arrived and the battle for survival
Has began

Wake up wake up, for panic, horror, and fear
Are here, and its everyone’s worst nightmare

Wake up wake up an army of guardian
Angels has arrived and in a desperate
Effort to save lives, heroes they became

Wake up wake up, down came the towers
One by one and the dreams and hopes
Of many, shatter to a million broken

Wake up wake up the world watches horrified
The end of many lives and sadness makes the
World cry

Wake up wake up America the beautiful
Has been wounded at the heart, but
Our love and care will bring her back

Wake up wake up, for the talk of war and
Justice has began

September 2001

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