Voices of Sandy Hook

Voices of Sandy Hook that forever will be silenced
Have wounded the lives of too many, too many
When the unimaginable makes its presence
When there can be no comprehension, not any

For this loss that scorches all those in its path
Sorrow that cannot be quieted is all around
The tears that will flow from stormy wrath
The pain that will follow and for all surround

A nation of mourners grieves with all of you
But this, we know, cannot calm your sorrow
Our hearts lost—really unable to help you
How will you get through your sad tomorrow?

I cry to see those so beautiful faces lost
The universe is upside down; it just collapsed
If time could only reverse this terrible cost
If we could only somehow give you your past

It is a pain too great for too few to share
That no one’s heart should break this way
None of us can know you terrible despair
All we can do is hope that you find your way

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