Time Will Tell

Time will tell
Time will tell if my o heart will stop breaking
My old eyes will stop crying tears of sorrow
Your were the first one to breathe life outside my body
When I said yes, you always said no
Time will tell
I loved you like no other could love you
I fed you, clothed you all your life
Time will tell
You always had big dreams
I always had faith, but you always had doubt in your self
These tears of sorrow still cover my body
I expected my daughter to bear her mother, not the other way around
You were a blessing in disguise, an angel of light
Time will tell
As I breathe my last breath, as I cry over your death that was so long ago,
We finally meet the same destiny, living for a period of time and finally dying.
Even though you were taken too soon,
Time has finally been told.


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