Tilting to Survive

Can the beating of the clock destroy me?
Will frolicsome notions slither forth yet?
Stinging bees and butterflies still not free
Uncontrolled blathering caught in a net
Whisper forcefully with red tongue
Delicious falseness so not contrary
Dangling gingerly on that last rung
Seeking intensely don’t fall, just tarry
Into that sweet light, that crescending light
All that is jubilant and amorous
Where is the candle wax to bind thy might?
Where is the gossamer to shield distress?
Lay me down woefully, see not my shame
All things equal unravel and quiver
Destiny’s keeper has scripted my name
Plinking its icy finger and shiver
Come my brave heart, do not falter today
The moon is in its final phase to play

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