The Wonder Baby

There was a little baby
He was born in the USA
When he was only one month old
He started to talk and say,
Mommy change my diapers
In them I have a mess
Well when his mommy heard this
She was in shock I guess
Mom thought she was hearing things
Until he spoke again
He said, my play pens is smelly
His mommy fainted then
When she got up from the floor
She called his dad at work and said,
Our little boy can talk now
He said, you are out of your head
So when dad got home from work
He listened very close
His son started to talk again
And said, dad you’re the most
The moral of this story
If you have a baby in your house
Listen close cause he may say,
I am as quiet as a mouse.

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  1. canapé says:

    Really good job. People should read this.

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