The Wishing Well

She loved the well and its refreshing water
A wonderful break from solitary walks …
Gazing dreamily at the sky …
She often wondered about the mysteries of love

Is love a gift for the most fortunate?
Is it long-lasting, sometimes ephemeral?
Are princesses and princes ideal constructions
Of the perspective of “happily ever-after?”

This night, she too, would make a wish,
A whisper, at the wishing-well.
Which deity would be the one to hear
The blissful song from the depths of her heart?

Quiet night, the air, refreshing,
Pausing, she gazed at her shadow under the fullest moon.
Nearer now to her calming destination,
With horrific dismay, she saw the ruined well!

The shattered well crumbled her hope;
The song she felt within her died.
This, the worst disappointment …
Could her mind ever calm a restless, yearning, heart?

Dazed, she stumbled away, disbelief, confusion …
Not daring a glance back at the well
‘Cause she had abandoned her heart behind her
On a broken piece of the wishing-well

Yet, broken hearts are not always lonely …
He too, yearned, for the promise of love
Waiting nearby for her daily,
Hoping for a glimpse of her beauty at the wishing-well

He labored tirelessly, with concentrated effort
His mind reconstructing, hands, rebuilding the well
Then carefully, so that it not shatter,
He picked up and embraced her fragile heart

Heartless, hopeless, her life in limbo
Her mind sought closure with the wish her heart once embraced
One last walk to the well … now shattered …
She stopped, entranced, is that a deity holding her heart?

Waking, she stared into fierce, heroic eyes
Parched lips relieved from water she knew!
The postponed wish for eternal love she now whispered
Turning, she gazed at the solid wishing-well.

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