The Puzzle

Wavering fingers pried open the box
Hypnotic stare at the pieces
A thousand components of her life…

Pieces tumbled, falling on the table
Intrigued by possibilities
the assembly was considered

She began to negotiate the border, the wall around her life—
the setting of her existence—
the realm of cause and effect

Struggling, fumbling, with the border, fearing to place the last piece
The wall could not contain her
Progressive woman, seeking possibilities

She assembled inside and outside the realm
Negotiating with both mind and heart
Individuals she admired … others with disregard

Frayed, chipped, torn—the pieces of her feelings
Determined, attempting to fit them in place
A myriad of pieces from puzzles floating in her mind
Cold, stark realization, disarray…

She abandoned the incomplete puzzle
Reflected, determined to construct a new plan
Confronting the puzzle, she reached for two pieces
crumbling them in her hand

Defiantly, she gazed at the pieces
The components of her life
Shaking hands pried the box open
Pieces tumbled, falling into the box

Entering the dimly lit room—she mixed the colors
With steady hand she picked up the brush
Giving life to a stark canvas
She created her world

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