The Nightmare

Alone again in the dark,
A misty fog in the park.

Loud screams and noises that you hear,
I know that he will soon be near.

My heart is racing like a horse,
I know my life is taking course.

I wish that help was hear now,
To save me but I don’t know how.

I run away and hide somewhere,
To steer him away from coming near.

The fear of him; what to do?
I do not know; my face feels blue.

Into the darkness; I get lost,
I start to feel the frigid frost.

I start to run really fast,
Visions of a haunted past.

He catches me; I start to scream,
It’s like a tackle from a football team.

His heavy breath; His hands are cold,
Telling me to do what I am told.

I feel my dignity start to break,
Opening my eyes as I slowly awake.

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