The Moment We Fall

That bewitching, exhilarating moment of first contact

That incredible feeling that just a fleeting second before

We were ordinary, now we possess mythical powers

Our senses heightened to feel magic when a breeze

Touches lightly over our skin, we are full with destiny

The possibilities burst in bubbles that tickle our mind

Time speeds as we hold on joyously to every new moment

Enchantment echoes around the room as we twirl

The world repainted with Rafael’s ambient brush

Falling blissfully without thought of the precarious landing

One with all the stars that now surround us and are us

Those daring first steps walking into the space of two

Fragile vulnerability opened like a fresh air window

Water flowing fountainhead quenching raging thirst

Once found, we will search like nomads to taste again

Ever coveting and eternally embracing love’s touch

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