The Mind

The most mysterious is the mind…
Struggling, searching for meanings…
Grappling with logic, faith, beliefs,
tempted by the heart’s yearnings

Love, enlightens, melts the heart,
blissfully, raising the spirit—
Broken love, compromises … plunges us into despair—
traumatizing the vulnerable heart

So wondrous is the mind—
creating religion, constructing a god
Grappling with faith and superstition—
twisting … the abyss to overcome

Is the mind our inextinguishable soul?
Forever, destined to carry on?
Drifting in other-worldly realms
seeking substance, or, forever lost?

Is the end of time the end of god?
Or the extinction of earth and sun?
Why do I live and then I die?
Do I move on to an afterlife?

Shrouded in mystery is the mind
and all it imagines, all it constructs
Let us extract from life’s infinite meanings—
negotiate love, challenge our god

Men and women in conflict
together creating … destroying lives
Men and women, exerting, accomplishing,
striving for love, separateness to overcome

The insatiable mind is restless, yearning,
seeking meanings … indefatigable.
Some minds are submerged, drenched in illusion,
living each day entranced with the trite

Such are the voices of our minds
Urging us to action, holding us back
Mind and heart compromising our actions
Negotiating … constructing the spiritual realm

Before I meet Charon, I’ll struggle with Charos
who tries to belittle, destroy me—tear out my heart
Am I a pawn of some unknown power?
I struggle, I fight, reveal yourself, god!

Voices, voices, so many speaking,
cautioning, prompting us, urging us on
Valiant are the minds of heroines and heroes
Striving, accomplishing—spearing Charos through the heart!


Charon-the ferryman in the underworld of Hades
Charos-death or doom in Greek

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