The Meaning of Life

We are born and fed,

and given a cosy bed.

We are brought up to go to school,

so we don’t become an ignorant fool.

We are trained to work for material things,

but most can’t afford the best diamond rings.

Being born rich is by far the best way,

most of us wait for our over taxed pay day.

We mostly get married and produce new life,

but sometimes marriage causes trouble and strife.

We grow old trying to be the best,

but that kind of life doesn’t give us much rest.

When we are young we have love affairs,

when we are old nobody cares.

We are told to live our lives to the full,

but people without money find life quite dull.

What does the meaning of life seem to me,

systems and rules and not much chance to be free.

Let me give you my best thought advice,

escape now and find paradise.

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