The Jury Deliberates

100 plus sat formidably with obvious trepidation
Barely looking at the defendant, stillness only
Questions I answered forthright with queasiness
Somehow surprised not that I would be of the twelve
Murder, murder in the first, those words clanging
As if the gallows were painted red in the rows in front
Unearthly pit formed within me, acutely aware of fate
These twenty four hands enfolding a man’s lifetime
One of two, tenaciously I held out for second degree
She, already deceased, he, father of twins might yet
Partake in their lives, protect them perhaps
It was fanciful, yes; I know that now, completely
Yet if there were a chance, this was forever, the end
Could the facts not be so that there was a doubt?
Ten vehemently stood, dynamically saying, “NO”
Sweating, sleepless, seeking to understand
The ten’s utter lack of doubt, anger in their faces
Realizing later, that through tragedy, I still sought
Some redemption, some hope, for this family
Sickening ashes, dead and black, all that was left
The jury polled, I quivered, “Yes”, so said I
Murder in the First

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