The Insanity of White

I try and break the mold
I put on a brave face and try to do as I am told
I try and pretend that I am as old
As those who I believe are bold. 

But the white walls are getting close
And I can’t stop the wilting of my rose.
And I try with all my might, just to last another night
Yet it seems that with no grace I’m just losing this fight
Because the evidence is bent to expose
And every time I tell a lie for my rose, it always shows

And the demos are keeping track
Of every mirror un-painted in black
Of fear I am in lack
But the walls continue to crack.
Though the words don’t say Goodbye…
I never thought it was right to lie,
I never meant to paint the sorrow of the sky.
To be honest if tonight is the night the walls will fall,
Then I suppose I have no time left to stall.
I never wanted my rose to lie,

I never asked to say goodbye,
I never sought for you to cry,
I never desired you to not try,
I always thought you’d never die.

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