The Cherubs Among Us

How could I possibly say the excitement I felt?
Announcement of a new baby soon to come

I sang in the bathtub and prayed as I knelt
The love I had to give was tenfold and some

She came in the night but oddly she came
Not with my mother, but Aunt Helen and me

The sweet little pink bundle, Debbie her name
Fragile and shivering, with tiny purplish feet

House full of quiet, Mom locked in her room
What celebration is this, what could it be?

Things will get better I know, sometime soon
But that was not the case, all was misery

I thought she was so unique with her slanted eyes
A cherub, a mirage, a miracle, and I could go on

It wasn’t until she turned three, I was surprised
To be told my sister had Down’s syndrome

It took a while for the affect to settle upon me
All the dreams gone for the things sisters do

Heartbroken for the things that would never be
I had to start my dreaming process all anew

When all in the house gave up, I would teach
Over and over again, with optimistic glee

If some goals, safe to say, she would not reach
Surely happiness belonged in her history

And happiness did come indeed, but from her to me
In her sweet hugs, her dancing, her joy at all things

Whatever she may have lacked in certain capacities
She made up with her compassion and heart that sings

And when the Grinch’s heart grew ten times on Christmas
That is what her heart was every day, in her DNA

Smiles on their faces as they endure all types of distress
They hug and they love with and enjoy their every day

That’s why I ask humbly, a universal human plea
When you are in the presence of angel’s work

Please don’t use the ‘R’ word as something derogatory
Please think before you say it, it really does hurt

Just stand in reverence, you are in the presence
Of the loveliest cherubs that walk freely among us

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