The American Dream

I am the American dream eagerly searching for a host
I am the American dream; I am Benjamin Franklin’s ghost

I come wrapped in chains, tangled rope and cathedral high
My lack of visibility does not change wherein my content lie

Elusive I am as I dart through holes and cracks mighty wide
But still the cloak dashed with wizardry does not always hide

The enigma still exists but comes hard fought with sweated brow
A golden retriever must make its way to sift through somehow

I am the loudest bell that resounds through countless nations
I am the Statue of Liberty, the waving flag, accept no imitations

With head down to plow, with head up to achieve, you must go
For I am not easily caught, but worth the resilience you must show

The beaconed light I send to guide you must be followed at all cost
For the warm sun of success must not be relinquished or be lost

I task you all with challenge to covet and ever polish its fine gleam
For nothing can compare to this endeavor, the American dream

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