Self Worth

In a day I realize that all the self loathing is nothing.

I’ve hated who I was and what I’ve become.

I’ve surrounded myself with negative people all my life.

I found out through self examination that self worth takes

Years to build–some have confidence because people keep boosting it.

Well, others have felt the affect of being beat down–someone telling you that you’re nothing.

What individuals don’t realize is that we’re humans with emotions and feelings.

One thing to remember is to love yourself–by loving yourself you acknowledge that you’re there.

By acknowledging ourselves as a person–it’s like being awakened for the first time.

Self worth is taking the time to block out bad karma and bring into your life fresh air.

To all the people that suffer on a daily basis of not feeling good enough

Love for thou self is in the air–all you have to do is realize that you are worth it.

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