Santa Clause

I am the big guy in the red and white suit,

I eat your left for me snacks, and sometimes your fruit.

I can magic down your chimneys, and through your doors and windows too,

to deliver your children’s presents, which is what I mainly do.

 I magic travel the world in hours, in my flying reindeer pulled super sleigh,

but I am usually very busy, and cannot for long ever stay.

My magic sack is big and vast inside, to hold all children’s presents,

to be delivered just in one day, in the smallest and tightest crescents.

 Sometimes if you listen hard you may hear my sleigh bells jingle,

if I wasn’t such a busy man, I would love to stop and mingle.

 I try hard not to make a noise when I sneak into your house,

but with my magic dust elf powder, I can be as quiet as a mouse.

 Sometimes your dogs and children wake up and really do see me,

but I magic them back to sleep, so they think they only dreamed me.

 In the north pole where I live my elves are always busy,

making wish toy’s for the whole world’s children, in every town and city.

 It is always worth the effort when children’s hands applause,

when they open their Christmas Day presents, from me the magic postman,

known worldwide as Santa Clause.

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