The tickle from a black eyed night with sultry breeze

The sweetness of a serene sleepy eyed Saturday

The scent of silky powder on a new born babe

Opening the pages of a well-worn tattered book

Treasured bits of wrinkled paper from an old love letter

Hickorysmoke swirling in the air from neighbor’s grill

Little children running gleefully into your arms

The open road with nothing but possibilities ahead

A fort of blankets thrown across the connecting chairs

A sunken cake filled with jelly beans made just for you

Brian frantically opening his loved astronaut ice cream

Keith’s trophy disjointed finger from caught baseball

A snow day with steaming chicken noodle soup

Catching fireflies at dusk in a glass mason jar

Hot tamales after a double header at Wrigley Field

Small feasts set out on our everyday table

Those wonderful fleeting moments that give us flavor


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