Restless Spirit

My restless spirit was bored, so I flew inside a bee,
My little wings worked great as I flew from tree to tree.
My spirit wanted more fun still, so flew inside a bat.
I flapped around all night, and even scared a cat.
I wanted more adventure, so flew inside a mouse.
I scurried down many tunnels,and loved my underground house.
I needed more excitement, so flew inside a racing horse.
I ended up winning the race, as I galloped round the course.
I was having so much fun, I flew inside a spider,
And even made a web, but made mine even wider.
I visited the deepest oceans, and flew inside a whale.
I enjoyed the sea life journey, and the splashing of my tail.
There was so much to yet do and see, so I flew inside a kangaroo.
I bounded round Australia, and it was really fun to do.
I wanted still more fun, so flew inside a monkey in a tree.
The swinging fun was great, and the acrobatics were from me.
I fancied one more adventure, so flew inside a bear.
The forest visit was rambling fun, but warm inside so much hair.
The challenge of more fun is really great to do,
Next time I am around, I may fly into “you”.

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