She recalled passionate times, now long past…
kissing with insatiable desire
both nearly exploding with longing

She recalled dreaming of his touch…
waking in the night…
drenched in joyful sweat

She remembered when they would meet
in their secluded, secret place—
erotically, tearing-away at each other’s clothes

She did not try to understand ‘them,’ nor debate lust or love
rationality would arrive with maturity
sometimes it is prudent to postpone ‘growing up.’

Her fate was awfully painful
exiting her life, wordless, without clues
cruelly abandoned, she tore at her heart
and scratched at the memories of ‘them’

Is there a panacea for an extinguished passion?
Of this, she could not know—
yet, she would cope with her pandemonium—
deluged herself in reminiscence…

Memories transformed to addiction,
her world, slowly crumbled, painfully, without him…
Memories of him evolved into a fantasy of desire,
dreams they once lived…

Unable to overcome the loss, she transformed into a recluse,
mind failing…
no longer able to distinguish reality from fantasy.

He reached out to her in her dreams
and beckoned her to his side.
Hastily, she tore away the prison of her mind—
Awakening, she rushed to their secret place.

Desperate, heart pounding, near him now?
Or, deeper in the mind’s delusions?
She turned a corner, fearful, with hesitation…
Would a twisted mind win, or love prevail?

They crashed into each other, shattering any illusion,
defeating any crooked mind!
Embracing, heart-and-heart, pounding,
love, conqueror of the mind’s abyss!

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