Politics Are Politics

Politics are Politics
Candidates Schmandidates man I hate
All those promises they make.
They fall short every time.
Without Reason or Rhyme.
But we fall as they do thinking this time is change.
Not realizing that they all end up the same.
Empty words laced with lies dressed up to sound nice.
And sometimes we even fall for it twice.
Maybe it’s us, expecting too much.
Pouring all our wants, needs, desires and such.
Into the hands of a single man.
to handle the job at hand.
But understand, there’s only one perfect MAN.
The Elephant and Donkey battling it out.
On a national stage to get your vote.
Representing the beliefs of our hearts and minds.
Playing with our emotions just like last time.
They hear the desperation in our voice.
Then flip flop their positions so they’re the best choice.
“This is the way it’s always been.”
My father’s words flood back from way back when.
See true change comes from a change of the HEART.
Sounds so simple but where do we start?
I don’t have all the answers, but this I’m aware.
Half of CONGRESS is made up of multi-millionaires!
It’s true, I’m not lying and it’s not even funny.
They make themselves rich on other people’s money.
There’s a problem with our election process.
It’s so tainted and twisted it makes me nauseous.
No wonder most people don’t even vote.
The system is broke it’s such a joke.
Most don’t even know the vice presidents name.
How sad but true, it’s such a shame.
To make a change we must get everyone involved.
Educate, evaluate, move, forward and evolve.
In the future remember he’s only one man.
He’ll make mistakes over and over again.
Remember where true change is sure to evolve
Apply term limits for CONGRESS?
The problem is solved.
So, while the more things change, the more things stay the same.
In four more years we’ll surround a stopped train.
To listen to another man promise the world, to win.
The final result…let the games begin.

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