There he sits – in a place to meet,
Sharing a smile with anyone who greets him.
I navigate amongst the long rows of tables and with purpose – I stop.
His eyes are shining as he looks at me.
“So happy to see you once again,” I exclaim.
His face lights up.
He apologizes for forgetting my name.
That’s O.K. – I reply
I listen intently while he recounts his weekend visit with family
Grateful for their concern but content to live on his own – he explains.
A small apartment in an urban town
Insures he is still viable in spite of his years
A bus to board
A community of familiarity reassures him of his independence.
Minutes fly by – chores to finish before the end of my day
He reaches for my hand and says “thank you,” and I knew what he meant.
His eyes convey gratitude for my time and when he smiles,
I witness a glimmer of a younger man.
The sentiment “take care” is spoken, he softly says
He hopes he can visit soon.  Once again, he smiles.
“I’ll be looking for you,” I say and I return the smile.
Purpose, love, confident you still count.
Such a small gesture, this giving of time,
Never the less a ‘gift’ to someone in the sunset of their years.

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