Only By His Grace

Only by His Grace go I
In this world of trouble I sigh
I bring upon the trials I live
Thanks be to God,  He forgives
Blessings are what He has
If we trust in Him to live
Our lives for Him and only Him
Then will we have our joy within
Please listen to my prayer for you
When troubles come knocking at your door
Say a prayer and ask God for help
He never is the one to ignore
He will listen all the time
He will give you the strength to climb
Up the mountain to the top you go
Never looking down below
Praising God all the day
Talking to Him is how I pray
Never letting satan in
Your walk and mine helps us win
To Heavens gates at the end we go
Because our Lord tells us so


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One comment on “Only By His Grace
  1. Vicki McCracken says:

    Wow! I love it!

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