One Can Only Try

“I try

I give up

I speak

I stop

I smile

I cry

I try and try and try and try…

I want to succeed.

I want to be understood.

I want to live, laugh, love without thought.

I want so many things but where do I find them?

You make me feel wanted.

You say I’m smart.

You understand me without a word being said.

You make me smile and stop my tears from falling.

You keep me alive.

I have tried and tried and tried…

But you showed me what I have done.”



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4 comments on “One Can Only Try
  1. Keith says:

    Nice job Michelle.

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you Keith.

  3. Great blog! Thanks for creating it. Keep working that way.

  4. Hi man! I quite agree with your thoughts. I’ve just shared it on Facebook.

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