Ode to the Winter Season 1

Ah, the Winsome Winter season at last
O how I like Christmas then and after
So pleasant the snow of Christmas past
The town with friendship and laughter

Snow on the many mountain clear crest
The mild moon behind the mountain’s edge
Snow all around the towns hills at rest
So white the spellbound surrounding ledge

The enchanting and sparkling Yuletide
The trees drench in snow on the townscape
And the valley where the mountains divide
Singing carols as the street lanterns drape

Rushing through the snow as the clouds stay
I love the cherish season’s sleigh ride
Full of songs of joy out-of –the way
So gaily as the sleigh swiftly slide

Noticeable night lavish street light
Singing arm in arm with coats and cape
Splendid music as the stars shines bright
Then grip songbooks embrace and escape

Hurry go in from the much snow so dim
To inhabits of home with love’s comfort
Congregate calm around a tree with trim
Garland over the warm fireside effort

Warmly sing around the stone fireplace
Sing and see the sparkling season’s snow
Heartily find elbow room with much stride
Mantle with pleasant poinsettias and lace
Look through the chrysanthemum window glow
Come into human’s homes, hearts, hugs with pride

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  1. Reginald says:

    awesome post! Keep up the sweet work!

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