Oceans overflow in her mind
carrying her to distant shores
Her thirst, indefatigable, searching for meanings
Dissatisfied with the redundant life

Eyes closed—in reverie … breathing softly
The spindrift refreshes her face
Harmonious with the ocean, her heart beats strong
With stern determination, resisting the pull to awaken

Seeking to travel with the oceans
Be shipwrecked over and over again
Inhale the joy of the struggle
Exhale the joy of success

She thrives on the challenge, to strive for excellence
in both mind and heart
Escape the prison of a meaningless life
Accomplish, conquer, transform her soul … love

Oceans, now before her, not just in her mind
Eagerly, with an exciting trepidation—she casts off!
Not even a single glance behind her
A heroine she will become

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