Next Station

You kept my bones so straight, so strong
Estrogen you are mine – you belong
No time to rest
Days full of zest
A face that has a constant glow
Nowhere in sight a wrinkle or crow.
A new day dawns – come what may
Try not to view with much dismay.
No need to mourn for days of old
When we possessed a mind so bold.
I peer in the mirror and to my surprise
Peering back at me – my mother’s eyes.
Were those lines there yesterday?
Can’t seem to recall – I may say
Now skin that has the look of dew
A fitful night of ‘flashes’
I attribute that to.
The memory – a little groggy
Just like the weather – sometimes foggy.
Guess this must be what all the fuss is about
Sung in songs that praise and shout
Rejoice and be glad
A new you awaits around the bend
Time to make peace with your new friend.
Embrace it all, this next stage
Adventure waits, just turn the page.
We’ll make it through these changes
We’ll strip away the gauze
We’ll come through this new stage in life
After all – it’s only Menopause.

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