New World

If I could change Britain food and drink would be free,

along with our gas and electricity.

The tax system would be scrapped to help out the poor,

systems are greedy and always want more.

A two day working week would be the start of new ways,

giving much more free time and more holidays.

Free world travel would be open to all,

to see other countries and start having a ball.

We would elect  just one president for improvements to be met,

the money saved would pay off our national debt.

The people would make vote decisions for the good of our land,

and everyone would know just where we stand.

Past governments have destroyed Britain from the way it used to be,

we need the British people to take charge, to stop this tragedy.

Money benefits would only be paid to the British born majority,

for the good of us all and our economy.

If I can change thinking with just these few lines,

this rhyme was worth writing to return to good times.

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