New Orleans in the Rain

Clinging to you in the shearing icy rain
Hanging onto slippery jacket of wet leather
Your motorcycle sliding on the oily terrain
Dreams awash, spinning in turbulent weather

You, running into the night with open hand
Me, chasing, trying to catch the falling dreams
Complexities unraveling, cascading like sand
Unrelenting love must win by any means

The French Quarter artist captured your eyes
Rolled up canvas I clung to with desperation
Wearing all black, hiding what you say is lies
Strident in your insistence of separation

Yet love splashed us with essence of light
Moodiness arrow recoiled at the touch
Donning “gris-gris”, New Orleans nights
The chaotic atmospheric dance was flush

I flew back to Tampa, you went on to Texas
Explosions of emotion, yet cannot be spoke
Surely there must be yet another end for us
Did you have to live out every song Dylan wrote?

He, your guru, listened to with hero worship
Sending me postcards saying “tangled up in blue”
Whirling around, I tried to right the broken ship
Knowing the light in me would go out without you

Returning with stories from crossing this land
You sought me out, I came alive once again
Embracing you with love and all that’s grand
You gave me promises and a wedding band

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