Father and Son

You are my son and my heir and to show you that I care,  I have wrote this poem for you Lee.
From a boy to being a man, I have done everything I can to give you the best life.
You are my son and my friend, and I will support you to the very end, because I love you just the way you are.
You are considerate and kind and are always in my mind, a real pleasure to know.
I have enjoyed our every year, even when we share a beer, it’s all for you Lee.
You have always been my joy from being my little boy, you are a living part of me Lee.
If we ever have lots of money life, could be better and more funny, buying you everything you want son.
I have shared your life so far and you will always be my star, the greatest son ever.
We have played some funny games and laughed at made up names, you always make me smile Lee.
Whatever life might bring you have already given me everything, being my son.
I hope to give you much more still and that would be my thrill, making your dreams come true Lee.

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