My Mother

My Mother…
She’s amazing, she’s awful.
I love her, but I don’t.
I’m only writing about her because she gave birth to me, not because I love her, because that’s embarrassing.
She’s the most stupid person ever, yet she out smarts me every time.
She thinks I know nothing, yet I don’t miss a thing.
She’s scared I’ll follow in her path, even though I’ve wandered far away.
I love her, but at times I hate her.
She thinks she doesn’t know me, yet she’s my best friend, does she not understand she’s the only one I can tell everything to?
She only sees her flaws, I only see her beauty.
She’s made mistakes, I’ve made mistakes, who hasn’t?
Nobody’s perfect, but in my eyes she is.
I’ve said stupid stuff to her that I didn’t mean and never said sorry; she’s done the same to me.
People said she only wanted me because of the money, what they don’t know is she fought every day and night to keep food in our cupboards.
People said she’s not ‘fit’ to be a mother because of her past, but they don’t see how she’s doing right this moment and how hard she’s trying.
They don’t know that she loves me and I love her.
But now they do.

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