Mind Talkers

To all you people who talk in your mind,

Let me just let you know that I am one of your kind.

You can discuss world issues without uttering a word,

That’s the beauty of mind talking, you can never be heard.

You can solve all your life problems from the comfort of your head,

And even have long thought talks when you are tucked up in bed.

You can tell rude people off without causing a scene,

And release your frustrations without later feeling quite mean.

You can have little mind talks when you are lonely or sad,

To cheer yourself up and to make you more glad.

You can mind talk yourself stronger if your character is too weak,

Encourage yourself now without needing to speak.

You will always listen to yourself and you will always be right,

Your own good advice will show you the light.

Consult yourselves wisely and there is nothing you can’t do,

The right phrase of your mind words could help talk you through.

Be your own mind caring friend for support and advice,

Make your mind talks interesting and up lifting, and most of all nice.

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