May You Have Enough

May you have a healthy body,
To move around freely and roam wherever you desire to go.
May you have good vision,
To enjoy all the beauty the universe has to offer you.
May you have good listening ears,
To hear all the mighty tales and incredible stories that make up life.
May you have a good sense of smell,
To inhale in all the rich aromas and fragrances floating in the air.
May you have a warm sense of touch,
To give out loving hugs and comforting pats.
May you speak with kindness from your heart,
To soothe someone’s hurt and to uplift someone’s mood.
May you have lots of laughter,
To brighten up someone’s day and make a difference.
May you have lots of courage,
To go after your dreams and turn them into reality.
May you have lots of love,
To spread around and leaving this world a better place.
May you have enough to feel blessed,
And to share your gift of blessings with others too.

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