Lovely Sun Shine

Why dost thou shine so lovely?
On a mount you beam
Beautiful on a mountain
A clear crescent gleam
Brilliant sun-swept high hill-top
Hazy set on peak
Glistens as a diamond shines
Bright as the mount seek
Magnificent reflection
Shining down so soft
Spaciously sparkling water
Look down from its loft
Many colors and sizes
Waves billow and flash
Beach waves curl, curve, rush and race
Beach billows light lash
Subside to peaceful waters
See sun valley view
Dash delicate over the trees
Beam awakening through
With splendidly sprouting leaves
And beautiful dell
Breathtaking bestirs blossoms
Secluded to dwell
Then sun shines serene shadowy
And peeps through the sky
Fluffy crisp, clean, and clear clouds
Golden day horizon high
Sun shine scenery lovely
Wed the groom and bride
Big beautiful spacious sky
As the sun and mount abide

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