Love in Words

Love is a feeling that comes from the heart,

that triggers your emotions to run wild, once they start.

Love plays on your mind, and is referred to as blind,

as the feelings possess you,  love is one of a kind.

Love brings out emotion, and undying devotion,

elevated by touch or the kissing of lips.

Love can make you feel weak, or unable to speak,

and even act silly, as you let yourself give in.

Just a touching of hair, can feel like walking on air,

as your heart beats faster, with every spoken word.

The holding of hands, can activate magical bands,

that play in your head,  with every golden step.

When you are walking together, you wish it were forever,

and the days seem longer,  as you lose all track of time.

You look forward to every meet, and will run on lighter feet,

as you hurry to see the one who rules your heart.

You will share all your secrets and dreams, as your face glows and beams,

as you plan your future together as two instead of one.

You might one day get married, and in his arms you will be carried,

as you both say the words, that will join you forever.

Love is like a glowing fire, bringing bodily desire,

and the glow stays with you, for the rest of your life.

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