Lost and Found

I cannot seem to muster the will
To open my eyes and see
To fight the good fight, to break down a wall
To struggle and try to be free
Inch by inch, I search for a door
In this haunted house of deceit
One sliver of skylight over my head
An ocean of fire, under my feet
My invisible shadow lurches from behind
Tapping me hard on the back
Obliviously numb to the pain it might cause
I move forward towards a strength that I lack
And sudden but slow the floor starts to melt
And the ceiling above begins to fall
Leaving me burned, broken, and bruised
Now forcing myself to crawl
A broken mirror of glass
That remains to be seen
Lay cracked from the storm
No longer pristine
My hands clasp in front
As I look to the sky
I ask for His mercy
I beg not to die
With a great swell of love
I fall to the ground
And where once I was lost
Now I am found

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One comment on “Lost and Found
  1. Bob Vavilis says:

    I enjoyed this poem. it has an “epic feel” to it. Honest and from the heart…

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