Living Things

If I could try objects I would enter a tree,

and reach my limbs outwards to hug you to me.

If I was a tidal wave cruising the sea,

I would put my face on it,

to show you it was me.

If I was a giant rock I would roll down a hill,

and the rush of the ride would give me a thrill.

If I was a tall building I would take a walk round,

and shock all you people down there on the ground.

If I was a lamppost lighting your way,

I would walk along with you to see what you say.

If I was a mailbox you were putting letters into,

I would suddenly say thank you to see what you do.

If I was your car I would take you for a drive,

you could sit back and relax knowing your vehicle is alive.

If I was an aircraft  flying  people through the air,

I would flap my metal wings to give you a scare.

If I was a cloud floating high in the sky,

I would suddenly glide down just to say hi.

If I was the river I would give you a splash,

but water is busy and I really must dash.

There are so many objects I would just love to be,

so watch where you walk,

you could be standing on me.


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