Life – Now in Session

Chest pains, ladies games
Jokers came to make me sane
Hear it, feel it, scream it again
Snap your heart like chalk
Feel it crumble, feel it scrape
Against life’s blackboard
Only to be erased
Keep coming up with problems
Keep pounding those erasers
Trying to get that black thing clean
Can’t get the powder off
Another problem is about to begin
I hear the chalk screech
Brings me to tears
Everyone’s holding their ears
Stop raking that chalk
Take your nails to my face
Just don’t erase my drawing
And put problems in their place
Quit clawing on that blackboard
With your dirty fingernails
Don’t look at me with black eyes
And expect me to be free
Put me behind Johnny
In a row of forming chairs
His head’s a little bigger
And he hides all my fears

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