Lessons From a Forlorn Heart

Come to me, come to me, if only in my sleep
Let me remember you with loves fresh bloom
I yearn to hear your voice again, tomorrow can keep
Born with whispered greatness, disappearing moon

Madness that picks my mind apart, analyzing you
What mental rapture held me dangling on a wire?
Disarray and darkness followed, sadness loomed
People stare at me dressed in faceless attire

I keep repeating, keep unseating every thought
Your ease and quicksilver prance to another
Understanding of this gnarled mess is sought
Sullying the dance we had with each other

Were we too young, too old, too timid, too bold?
What made the magic disappear with such a snap?
Ancient tales of romance like this are many told
And yet, and yet still the raindrops fall into my lap

No comfort from other’s tale of faltered heart
I am the forlorn sailor looking for navigation
I am the newborn baby, baby steps to start
Parched in thoughts with morbid repetition

Let me close my eyes in sleep, it’s blessed relief
A gust of wind lifts me from my lack of revelry
It’s shouting with posterity, please no more grief
Life’s sweet song gradually rolling back from the sea

Lessons from the prophets surely have been learned
Time to put aside this dream in its final phase
Time to put away this heartache that I have earned
Time to rejoice in the surprise of this better day

Shackles slowly falling, I know I’ll make it now
I know you are out there feeling just like me
Perhaps soon you and I will meet somehow
Wanting to start again, finding that shady tree
This time I’ll carry Plato’s wisdom and poetry

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