Leaves of Autumn

Desperate, trying to outrun her lonely heart
Far to the secluded house
She shut the door, sat by the window
Entranced, eyes fixed on the tree

A strong wind blew, stirring the leaves…
Temporary life …
She counted them as they slowly fell
and reminisced the time she was loved

A fixed stare at the falling leaves
A reminder of winter death
And the love she had that crumbled to bits
Sending her heart into the black abyss

Is such darkness bottomless?
Immutable like the leaves of autumn that fall?
But the tree still lives through each deathly winter
Eager to blossom in the springtime sun

She gathered herself, admonished her mind
and hushed her melancholic heart
Another glance at the falling leaves of autumn
She promised to recapture her desperate heart

Asleep, dreaming … running in the field
Carefree, relaxed, confident, and strong
As the sun approached its zenith
She felt a deep warmth in her heart

Awakened, encouraged she walked to the window
Eager to glance at her familiar tree
Her mind made up she would grow with the new leaves
Drown the abyss holding hostage her heart

She welcomed the spring and the promise it carried
Remembering her commitment she gathered her strength
Headed for the field to live the dream
and free her heart from chains of darkness

No longer in dream she breathed deep the spring scents
and sensed the eagerness of new life around her
Realizing she would be loved again
She sang with the birds, her heart light and free

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