Lady Julia

Julia you are my life and my chosen partner and wife,
With your beauty always seen, you are gentle and serene.

You have grace and you have style, and you can always make me smile.
I love my life with you, and love you ever true.

We have shared in life so much, but I only need your touch.
The years may come and go, and I just wanted you to know

That you are loved eternally. You are living in my heart,
And from the very start, I knew you were for me.

You gave me your devotion, and support through every motion, you are everything to me.
You are caring thoughtful and kind, a real treasure for my mind.

Whatever our future brings hopefully good and happy things, I only need you.
Let me compliment you and say that I enjoy our every day, being close to you.

As we share our life together I would like it to last forever, it was always meant to be.
While you are at my side we can walk through life with pride, together we will always be.

I thank you for all you have given, and will always stand tall and driven,
To enjoy every moment with you Julia.

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