In Our Hearts

There had, when we were sad, never been anyone to

Bring togetherness and joy

In our hearts

The kindness that sparks light

In our life

When we were down you came around

Put a smile on our face

In our hearts

You will always stay,

In our hearts

Father, you gave us faith

Your love and kindness will never fade

There is a place

In our hearts you cannot stay

Your passion leads us today

You are the snow white in our sight, castle, far, away

Bright in our eyes

And shine in our hearts

We are your flock of doves as you watch us from above

You are our heavenly Father of love—came to sing

When things were dark

But you are the shiny star that sparks

You will always stay in our hearts

We all thank you for your passion and grace heavenly Father


Father will be there for me,

When thing goes wrong, when I’m lost in darkness and alone

Will you be there?  Will you be there for me?

Just ask in his name

He will you be there, for you and me

When your spirits are down and low—hopes are shallow

When your days had come and gone

He will be there for you and me

I know you’re there for  me, I could feel the power— his healing

When my nights are cold and long

This song keeps us fighting on

To believe that he is near,

For us to receive the blessing and healings,

Because I know you’re there for me; I know you care for me,

When things go wrong ,you have to be strong; he will come along

He will take away your sadness and tears,

Yes, we do fear that you’re near

As skies above are clear,

Fall to your knees; pray he will be there

Call his mighty name to ease your pains

Because I know he’s there for me,

Just believe and pray on your knees

He will be there to set your spirit free


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